Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Now watch Flash Videos on your iDevices !!

One of the most common criticisms of the iPhone and iPad devices is that it doesn’t support flash Videos. But Apple had been repeatedly ignoring the requests for its users who pleaded to add the Flash supported browser on their mobile devices. Finally the users have got what they want: A flash supported browser in now finally available in itunes.

Skyfire is the mobile browser application which has finally came up with a solution that will definitely catch ipod/iphone and ipad users attention. Skyfire amazingly converts flash video to HTML 5, which is rather supported in iDevices, while Apple hasn’t lifted even a finger to alter the OS or Safari browser to make it happen.

But the disappointing thing is that it only supports Flash Videos now !! Skyfire for the iPhone has somehow made it through Apple’s approval system, and should be out by the end of the week.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 online Addictive Riddle Games to try out when you are bored !!

Riddles are loved by everyone, as long as they are interesting. They are very addictive and are pretty tough for normal minds. Riddles generally consists of various levels full of clues and you have to work with the clues to move on. They sound pretty interesting, don't they ??

So, if you are ready to give your mind a little exercise, I'll give you the lists of 5 most amazing riddles online. Here they are:

1. Notpron

Notpron is probably the most famous and the most exciting riddle on the list. It is rated extremely difficult and it is reported that only 20 people have been certified of completing this game. All you have to do is find out ways to pass the level, and believe me they can be tougher, tougher than you can imagine. I recommend this Riddle only for those who are determined to step up to what it takes to complete it. Once again, I need to say this : It is extremely addicting !!

2. The DaVinci Code

This is also an interesting riddle that can keep you glued to your computer for hours. Believe me, they can get really on your head sometimes. I've been there and back. It has a classic look and some tough riddles for you.

3. OddPawn

OddPawn is really amazing and probably the most interesting riddle Game here in the list. It is named the Worlds Longest and Funniest Online Riddle.

4. The First Door

The First Door is also a brilliantly made Riddle Game, that is based on its genuine concept. It is constructed very well and uses spiritual and powerful words that can amazing drag you into the game very deep !!  

5. Amnesya

Amnesya is also an famous online riddle game which is huge and very much loved and appreciated by its users. The only reason it is listed last is that it requires some utilities that you need to install and is a little slow :( . But, other than that, its amazing !!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

8 FREE Recovery tools to Easily Recover your Lost Data !!

On our daily computing life, data stored may be sometimes lost due to various reasons and recovering those data might not be as easy as you lost it. But if you have enough knowledge about the recovery tools then the process might get easier. You should always keep the options open and proceed your work  ;) .

Deleted or lost data can be recovered by various recovery tools. There are many software downloads available in the web. But choosing the best tool or software is not easy. So, in this post I'll list you the 8 most reliable Recovery Software available on the Web. You can choose among the lists and download the software.

Recuva is the best in the list when it comes to recovering lost data. It has new improved featured installed and I'm sure it can satisfy you. The developers of Recuva have a very good history of producing good free-wares like this one. So download it directly through this link: Download

Or, visit its site here.

Restoration is also another simple but brilliant File-recovery application free to download. This software is not only small in size but is also very effective. Restoration doesn't have a traditional installation process, that means, you simply click the .EXE file, and the program pops up and work with it fast.

Glary Undelete is a free, easy-to-use and powerful file undelete solution for FAT and NTFS file systems. It brings back the files deleted from the Recycle Bin, in a DOS window, from Windows Explorer with the SHIFT key held down. It will even recover files that have been deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses!!

TestDisk is also another option for Data Recovery. I have not used it till now, but have heard alot form its users. You can download on its own site.

FileRestorePlus is also another file restoring tool which is very famous among its users. It is good at what it does and it does it work fast.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

5 reliable sites where you can have Quick Computer Scan for FREE !!

There are hundreds of sites on the web that provide a free computer scan to help you detect harmful viruses on your computer and the problem is that you can't trust all of them. I can guarantee that half of those are full of craps and might even be harmful to your computer. Those fake virus scanners are the ones you should be aware of.

Now in this post, I'll provide you the list of important sites that you can trust and have a free quick scan of your computer. I've listed five of them, here they are:

Panda Security is highly reliable site that give you free computer scan online. All you have to do is visit its homepage and download the plungin( ActiveScan 2.0) to start your scan for the first time. Once of have downloaded the plungin(174 KB) then you can scan your computer regularly for free !!

Here's the link : Scan

BitDefender one of the best at this job. This site is what I'd personally recommend as I believe its the fastest and best quick scanner online. If you are using it for the first time, you have to download small plungin or addon ( in case of Firefox ) and then start working

Here's the link : Scan

HouseCall is also one of the free Online Virus Scanner. To use it, first you have to download  HouseCall in your computer then perform QuickScan on your computer. With my experience, with its large virus database, it is very reliable and powerful and amazingly browser independent.

Virustotal is a Online service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus engines. VirusTotal's email interface lets you upload files via email and receive the scan results in your mailbox. The files are uploaded as email attachments and the results can be received either in plain text or XML.
The files sent via email have a lower priority, therefore, the scan results will not always be sent back immediately.

To know more about Email Interface click this link.

At last but not the least, is F-Secure. It scans your computer for free, now to run this free service, first you have to download all-important Java (latest Java) and after you've done that, you're ready for its service. You can download the Java here: Download

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get a good Taste of brilliant Image Search at Gazopa !!

Text searching is old and lame when it comes to image searching abilities and flexibilities. When you have a image of something that you don't know much about, then there's know way you'll be able to search about it (in text). That's when this image searching sites comes handy !!

Must of us might have imagined about this images searching features online way before they actually arrived to us and I guess many of us are yet to experience this brilliant feature.

GazoPa, a tool by Hitachi, is really a unique similar image searching tool that provides a variety of options when it comes to finding images based on their similarities. 

This image searching tool searches images based on your uploaded images, searches images using URL's, by keywords and the best one is, it searches matching images from your drawings too.

Here's the link, now experience the image searching online in GazoPa.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

10+ Firefox Addons for Maximum Security !!

Firefox now, is the most loved and most talked about browser all over the world. With its thousands of useful addons and brilliant features it stands top on the browsers lists. Firefox has been the most secured browser in the Web, and its the Addons that makes it the best at what it does.
With the Growing rate of Malicious Websites, loading malwares on your computer, its vital that you are prepared to be safe and be prepared to be out of those dreadful situations. This post will give you the lists of the Top 10 Firefox Addons that's important for us to Secure our browser.

1. Adblock

It is a great Addon, that blocks ads and banners. It is undoubtedly the most famous Ad-blocking Addon of firefox. It not only blocks the ads but also blocks the harmful malwares.

You can Download the Addon here

If you haven't heard about it and want to know more click here.

2. Better Privacy

Better Privacy is an extremely good addon if have ever felt that you are tracked and are in real need to escape the situation. Better Privacy is a safeguard which protects from usually not deletable LSO's on Google, YouTube, Ebay. It deletes the undeletable cookieson a single click, keeping you safe.

You can Download the Addon here

This is the best security you can get in a web browser as an addon. It helps you to allow active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect yourself against XSS and Clickjacking attacks. It is very useful to keep your browser safe from known and unknown exploits.

You can Download the Addon here:

This addon lets you know the threat level of any site that you encounter. Most of the sites today are very harmful and vulnerable attackers and you need know which websites you can trust. The WOT add-on is a safe surfing tool for your browser that will help you recognize the websites you can trust when you search, shop and surf on the Web.

You can Download the Addon  here:

LastPass is a free and a very famous online password manager and form Filler that will make your web browsing easier and more secure. Unlike our default Firefox password manager it not allows you to create the strong passwords but also encrypts your sensitive data before uploading it to online forms.

You can Download the Addon here:

6. Quick Proxy

Quick Proxy is a handy addon that secures Firefox by creating a small status bar button to turn the proxy on and off quickly. In short, it puts Firefox between the different proxy states and lets you turn your browser into proxy state whenever you want it to.

You can download the Addon here

7. Link Alert  

It is a small but useful addon that displays an icon in the tooltip or next to the cursor indicating the target of a link and with that you will be sure what your looking at.

You can download the Addon here

There are lots of other Addons on Firefox for your security but these are the top 7 among them. These addons will surely be enough for your protection but if you still want to get more alternatives then here's the small list for you: 

1. Viral Threat Level 
2. Secure Login 
3. Stealther 
4. Intercule 

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Facebook Photos get an Easy Drag and Drop makeover !!

Facebook just announced its series of tweaks in Facebook photo handling and high- res uploading feature much demanded by its user.

This Facebook makeover includes the ability to drag and drop the facebook photos from folder to the screen. You can also drag photos around in an album so you can put all the decent photos at the front. This feature is really amazing and will be loved my million of user around the Web who wished of this makeover for a-long time. Users requested Facebook for this functionality and the Facebook has delivered the wish.

Another new feature installed is high-res uploading. This means you can add high-res images to Facebook and print out a photo-quality version of these images from your photo album. There is also a better photo browser, which means a faster and better photo sliding feature unlike the Old and slow Photo browser we have.

These changes will surely be loved by its user and even I can wait for this makeover to be activated in our country.

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