Friday, August 28, 2009

Create recent posts using your feed.

Recent post widget is very useful and very common among the bloggers and in this post I'll teach you how to create such widget easily using feed. Well,this must be easiest method to create this widget and is effective too.
Just follow these simple few steps and install the widget in your blog :

1. First log on to your feed burner account.
2. Select your feed id.
3. Then select 'Publicize' tab where you can find
     several option.
4. Among them choose 'Buzz Boost'
5. Then you'll be provided some options(feed setting) regarding your post display.

So you can choose the options as your interest and copy the code given and paste it to your blogger account (blogger-layout-add widget and paste).
So there you go, your widget will be created. I'm also working on some codes that will let you create the recent posts with thumbnail. So wait for it I'll post that soon.
If there's anything you need to know just post your comment and enjoy..!!

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