Opera has launched its latest Web browser with Opera Unite. Unite is a new technology platform with simple idea and maximum potential allowing us to share files, media streaming, photo sharing, chatting and even more just with the same browser. With this feature in the browser Opera has 'reinvented the web'. And its not only me saying this but Opera(Jon von Tetzchner, CEO) itself claimed it way back in June and the browser sure has offered what he said.  Well the Opera Unite was in the beta for some time but now it has finally arrived as Opera 10.10 browser. 

Its quite amazing to know how this browser has offered such functions. Unite has a special and yet the powerful concept to put a web sever in the browser allowing the browser to offer the things that web can offer, and by putting the Server in the browser  it wants to make the Browser more flexible to its user by trying how they, as a user interact, with the Web.

If you too are eager to use this browser you can easily download it from : http://www.opera.com