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Thursday, October 21, 2010

JailBreaking ipod touch 2G 4.1 (MC and non MC model) with Greenpois0n: Complete Guide !!

You must have upgraded your ipod touch to the latest OS 4.1 and you may have also been searching for the proper and Ultimate Guide for you to Jail break your ipod OS 4.1 with the new Greepois0n software.  

In this post I'll give you the Ultimate Guide to JailBreak your ipod 4.1 safely with the new Greenpois0n JB software. Lets Begin:

First you'll need to download Greenpois0n software to your computer. You can download it here.

It is the link of official homepage of the Developer. There you can download the software for MAC, LINUX and WINDOWS selectively as required !! Download the file.

Then you'll need to totally turn off your ipod. You can do that by pressing the 'sleep button' on the top of your ipod, for may be like 5 seconds. Then you'll see the slide option on the top-to turn off you ipod. Slide it and your ipod will be off. 

Then connect it to your computer (if the ipod turns back on then it is due to your itunes, close itunes and then, again turn off you ipod), then open the downloaded Greenpois0n software. Then you'll notice this !!

Then click on the 'Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)' tab. Now you will need to be a-bit careful on proceeding jailbreak process.

The new window will ask for you to press and hold the sleep button for 2 seconds then Continue holding sleep; then press and hold home button for 10 seconds and then release sleep button and continue holding home button for 15 seconds.

Then after doing so successfully, you can press the Jailbreak tab shown to start jailbreaking. It will take about 5 min (maximum) to complete the jail-breaking process. Then turn on your ipod, there you'll notice a LOADER app. installed in your ipod. Open the application and download Cydia application from there. You'll need a Wi-Fi connection for the Download. 

Now your ipod is completely jail-breaked. You tweak your ipod's look by downloading themes from Winder board and install 3rd party applications from Installous application.

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